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Bellydance Fundamentals: 11 Week Course [ON DEMAND]

This pass gives you 6 months access to the Bellydance Fundamentals On Demand Course in the Content Library. You can repurchase this pass any time after the 6 months to access again.
Self-Paced, accessible anywhere, anytime, as long as you have internet connection (NOT for download).

In this comprehensive, 11 week course you will be taken through ALL the Bellydance basics and more!
You will Learn:
-History & Cultural Context
-Posture & Alignment
-Arm Positions
-Movement Breakdown & Drills of over 45 different moves!!
-8 Mini Combos
-1 Super Master Combo (putting all 8 mini combos together)

You'll get a PDF with time stamps of all the different sections of each week so you can return and review specific parts with ease. You'll also get a written breakdown of all the combos, and the full inventory of all the moves taught in the course (which has a visual component in week 10 as well).

  • BDF Course Materials Packet
  • Welcome to the Course Video
  • Prerequisites (History, and Posture)
  • Online Classes "How To" Video
  • Week 1 "Shake it Off" (Posture Review, 3 types of Shimmies, and Hip Slides)
  • Week 2 "Back to Basics" (Piston Hips, Hip Bumps, and Traveling Basics)
  • Week 3 "Do the Twist" (Hip Twists and Variations)
  • Week 4 "Make it a Combo" (4 mini combos and a super combo)
  • Week 5 "Smooth Moves" (Hip Circles and Infinities)
  • Week 6 "Drop it Like it's Hot" (Hip Lifts and Drops)
  • Week 7 "Spice it Up" (Twist Shimmies, More Traveling Moves, and a Mini Combo)
  • Week 8 "The Top Half" (Chest, Arms, and Hands)
  • Week 9 "Make it Fancy" (Vertical Shapes, Egyptian Twist, and Turns)
  • Week 10 "What You Got" (Movement Inventory and 4 Mini Combos)
  • BONUS Week 11 "Put it All Together" (Super Duper Master Combo)
  • Closing/Goodbye Video



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