Rahel Dance

Bellydance Fundamentals

To view:  Purchase the Bellydance Fundamentals ON DEMAND Pass, then you will have 6 months access from purchase. You are encouraged to repurchase again any time you want to revisit or review the content again after the 6 months.

In this comprehensive, 11 week course you will be taken through ALL the Bellydance basics and more!
You will Learn:
-History & Cultural Context
-Posture & Alignment
-Arm Positions
-Movement Breakdown & Drills (of over 45 different moves)
-8 Mini Combos
-1 Super Master Combo (putting all 8 mini combos together)

You'll get a PDF with time stamps of all the different sections of each week so you can return and review specific parts with ease. You'll also get a written breakdown of all the combos, and the full inventory of all the moves taught in the course (which has a visual component in week 10 as well).

  • Online Classes "How To" Video
  • Prerequisites (History, and Posture)
  • Welcome Video
  • Week 1 "Shake it Off" (Posture Review, 3 types of Shimmies, and Hip Slides)
  • Week 2 "Back to Basics" (Piston Hips, Hip Bumps, and Traveling Basics)
  • Week 3 "Do the Twist" (Hip Twists and Variations)
  • Week 4 "Make it a Combo" (4 mini combos and a super combo)
  • Week 5 "Smooth Moves" (Hip Circles and Infinities)
  • Week 6 "Drop it Like it's Hot" (Hip Lifts and Drops)
  • Week 7 "Spice it Up" (Twist Shimmies, More Traveling Moves, and a Mini Combo)
  • Week 8 "The Top Half" (Chest, Arms, and Hands)
  • Week 9 "Make it Fancy" (Vertical Shapes, Egyptian Twist, and Turns)
  • Week 10 "What You Got" (Movement Inventory and 4 Mini Combos)
  • Week 11 "Put it All Together" (Super Duper Master Combo)
  • Closing Video