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Let's get you moving! But READ THIS FIRST!

Please review the schedule first and contact Rahel if you have any questions.
Click on the classes in the schedule for more details (ie. dates, class descriptions, prerequisite etc.)
Please note that some classes have certain requirements (ie. experience, prerequisites, equipment etc.)

Pass? Course? Drop-in? What's going on?
Most classes are sold as a progressive multi week course (ie. Beginner Bellydance Fall 1)
Other classes are drop-in friendly (Yoga, Fitness and Drills), but students are encouraged to sign up for a full course (and save).
Make sure that you are purchasing the correct pass for the correct class and course dates (ie. Fall 1 vs Fall 2)
Drop-in passes are cheaper than single drop-ins and can be used for all drop-in friendly classes, but must be used before the end of that class's course so please check the dates.

New student?
If you are a bellydance student new to Rahel you must purchase and watch the prerequisite material
You can purchase the material here and then access it here.
If you are new to Fitness or Yoga with Rahel, please watch the corresponding prep videos (links in class descriptions).
If you are new to Punchpass you must Create an Account or Login.

Private Lessons:
For private one-on-one bookings please contact Rahel

If you are taking multiple classes or have referred a friend please contact Rahel for your discount codes before purchasing a pass.

All prices include tax
All prices are in CAD
Please note that payments are non refundable, but credit can be applied to your account for future classes 
C$10Bellydance Prerequisite Material
C$171Gentle Hatha Yoga Online - SUMMER (9WKS)
C$171Conditioning & Mobility Online - SUMMER (9WKS)
C$171Beginner Bellydance Online - SUMMER (9WKS)
C$171LV1 Bellydance Technique Online - SUMMER (9WKS)
C$171LV2 Bellydance Technique Online - SUMMER (9WKS)
C$171LV3 Bellydance Technique Online - SUMMER (9WKS)
C$171Bellydance Choreography Online - SUMMER (9 weeks)
C$171Bellydance Drills & Combos Online - SUMMER (9WKS)
C$23FREE First Yoga Class
C$23FREE First Fitness Class
C$25Single Drop In
C$70Drop ins - Pack of 3
C$90Drop ins - Pack of 4
C$110Drop ins - Pack of 5
C$30LV1 Bypass Fast Track
C$140Gentle Hatha Yoga Online - FALL1 Sep/Oct (7WKS)
C$140Gentle Hatha Yoga Online - FALL2 Nov/Dec (7WKS)
C$140Conditioning & Mobility Online - FALL1 Sep/Oct (7WKS)
C$140Conditioning & Mobility Online - FALL2 Nov/Dec (7WKS)
C$140LV1 Bellydance Technique Online - FALL1 Sep/Oct (7WKS)
C$140LV1 Bellydance Technique Online - FALL2 Nov/Dec (7WKS)
C$140LV2 Bellydance Technique Online - FALL1 Sep/Oct (7WKS)
C$140LV2 Bellydance Technique Online - FALL2 Nov/Dec (7WKS)
C$140LV3 Bellydance Technique Online - FALL1 Sep/Oct (7WKS)
C$140LV3 Bellydance Technique Online - FALL2 Nov/Dec7WKS)
C$140Bellydance Choreography Online -FALL1 Sep/Oct (7WKS)
C$140Bellydance Choreography Online - FALL2 Nov/Dec (7WKS)
C$140Bellydance Drills & Combos Online - FALL1 Sep/Oct (7WKS)
C$140Bellydance Drills & Combos Online - FALL2 Nov/Dec (7WKS)