Rahel Dance

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LV1 Bypass Fast Track

Access to the LV1 Bypass material in the Content Library, and a personal assessment of your demonstration of proficiency video in response. .

This is a 90min video consisting of all of the important content that would be covered in the LV1 course. This is the fast tracked option for students with outside experience who want to bypass LV1 and move on to the higher levels. 

Please watch the recording in its entirety and return a short video (max 10min) of yourself briefly demonstrating your comprehension and basic ability to perform the concepts covered. 
1) Layering (arms, hips and chest)
2) Vitamin Drills Combo (8x each dbR and pelvis IN, then 8x of each dbL and pelvis OUT)
3) Belly Isolations
4) Omis
5) Mayas (up and down)
6) 3/4 Shimmies (Hagallah Down, Hagallah Up, Triplet Down, Triplet Up)
7) Rhythms (Masmoudi Seghir, Saidi, and Maqsoum)
8) Hand Code

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